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troll-imadeWEB-1For thousands of years, every newborn baby, regardless of their day or place of birth, is able to understand any human language in a very short space of time, without any explanations from a teacher or complicated exercises.

Anyone who has ever been born, regardless of their day and place of birth, has just to hear grammatically correct sentences spoken, during the first fifteen minutes after their birth in a language that they have never heard, and after only fifteen minutes, all these newborn babies, regardless of their day and place of birth, recognise those grammatically correct sentences spoken in this unknown language.

I call this essential ability ‘efficient understanding’; without this, any representative understanding would be impossible and without representative understanding, a human would be perfectly incapable of identifying an apple as an apple and would therefore starve to death.

I must ask the reader to be very discreet about the fact that I am the kind of person who has lost this ability over time, as I have to admit shamefully that I am now more foolish than I was on the day I was born.

Basic principle of efficient understanding’ [“Die Entwicklung des Gehirns und seine Risiken”, Mrs. Dr. Kipp, University Saarland, 2006]

The meaning of a sentence is its use. This would imply that the designated thing be described, in other words, this reference object, to which the identifier, (the word), is attached, necessarily requires a specific representation to be associated with it; yet if different representations were linked to this reference object, we might create an identifier devoid of an identified thing, which raises the question of why this identifier was created in the first place.

Translation: Jackie Dobble

deSprich laut und deutlich

frParle haut et fort

isTala hátt og snjállt

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