On the road

More than 20 years ago, an Icelandic newspaper reported that the police had arrested a Landshornaflakkari (vagrant) at the airport.  The young boy wanted to board the plane, but was unable to produce any boarding card.   He explained that he didn’t need an identity card because a lady was waiting for him at the destination and she would pay for his ticket.

It turned out that he had managed to travel by bus to every far-flung corner of Iceland with this story, without ever paying his fare and he had even managed to take the ferry to Heimaey in the Vestmann islands.  This globetrotting vagrant was just 9 years old and had pushed his luck just a little too far at the airport.

Perhaps one day the vagabond will tell the story of his adventures in these pages.  Until then, and so that time doesn’t pass in vain, other vagrants will entertain you with tales of their travels, which they have not forgotten.

Translation: Jackie Dobble

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