Authors / Translators / Illustrators

Photo Jackie DobleJackie Dobble (Translator): A highly experienced general manager with recent intensive operational experience in humanitarian aid in two very difficult overseas locations. A strong commercial career background includes lobbying at the highest international and national levels, securing grants, strategy development and complex financial management, as well as international public relationship and direct marketing. Linguistically gifted, bilingual in English/French, she has previously been fluent in German, Italian and Cantonese.

GeraldineGéraldine Fasentieux (Photographer): Galerie

cfCyrille Flamant

GirardotJean-Jacques Girardot (Author): Lecturer in Economics at the University Franche-Comté 

voilaUlla Moriell (Graphik designer, Communication design), range of work: Corporate Identity, Flyer, Brochure, Catalog, Advertisement, Book design, Wrapping, Labels, Vehicle labelling and stand until product and web design. nonplusulla

HoudaHouda Neffati  (Author): Lecturer in Economics at the University Paris Sud. Publications

MariaMaria Huld Pétursdóttir (Translator): A freelance translator working mostly from English and Norwegian into Icelandic. Experience in different subjects and fields ranging from legal texts to TV shows in addition to various practical texts.   Profile

GullaGuðrún Sævarsdóttir (Translator): I translate text both ways between English and Icelandic in the domains of public administration, art, design, general commercial text as well as literature.

bv1Bernhild Vögel (Author): Birdstage

troll-imadeWEB-1Björn Eriksson: Traveller